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Mastering the Art of Urban Barbecuing with the Weber Master-Touch E-5755

In the ever-bustling heart of London, the fragrance of charcoal-grilled delights isn't restricted to summer festivals or carnivals. This spring, join me, Roberts of London, as I embark on a culinary journey, right on my roof, with the Weber Master-Touch E-5755 GBS Kettle Charcoal BBQ 57cm. From unboxing the barbeque giant to firing up some gourmet burgers, I’m here to narrate a tale that brings the joyous spirit of a classic British barbecue to the urban landscapes of London.

Unboxing and First Impressions:

The Grand Unveiling

As the box opened, it unveiled the epitome of modern grilling technology – the Weber Master-Touch E-5755. With a sleek black exterior and promises of a grilling experience par excellence, the barbecue immediately claimed a special place on my rooftop.

Assembly Adventure

Assembling the Weber wasn't just about following the manual; it was an adventure in itself. With an assembly guide in hand, I ventured to put together what seemed like a portal to a world of delicious possibilities.

Setting the Stage for a BBQ Extravaganza:

Accessorizing the Experience

To complement my new Weber, a host of accessories were lined up, including fireproof gloves, a grill brush, and an assortment of charcoal and fire lighters, promising many delightful barbecue sessions in the seasons to come.

The Inaugural Fire-Up

Despite the chilly weather warnings and the threat of snow, the inaugural fire-up was all about experiencing the joy of cooking over charcoal. The first attempt brought forth a pair of succulent burgers, heralding the beginning of a gastronomic adventure.

A Detailed Review of Weber Master-Touch E-5755 GBS Kettle Charcoal BBQ 57cm:

Design and Build Quality

The Weber Master-Touch E-5755 embodies a seamless amalgamation of style and functionality. Its robust build, complemented by a sleek black exterior, promises durability and a visually appealing presence in any setting.

Features and Usability

Equipped with features like an adjustable ventilation system, a removable drip tray, and flip-up edges on the grill, the Weber Master-Touch E-5755 is designed to provide an effortless grilling experience, be it roasting, smoking, or grilling.

Performance and Versatility

A standout feature of the Weber Master-Touch is its versatility. From searing the perfect steak to slowly smoking ribs or brisket, this BBQ kettle promises a performance that caters to a variety of culinary endeavors.

Value for Money

Priced at around £300, the Weber Master-Touch E-5755 offers a mid-range solution to barbecue enthusiasts looking for a reliable and feature-packed grilling companion. Its promise of delivering perfectly barbecued food for years makes it a worthy investment for those seeking a premium barbecue experience.


  1. What accessories are available with the Weber Master-Touch E-5755? From a wireless dual pro meat and BBQ thermometer to oak wood chips for smoking, the Weber offers a range of accessories to enhance your grilling experience.

  2. How does the Weber Master-Touch fare for slow-cooked recipes? With its adjustable ventilation settings, the Weber Master-Touch is a prime choice for slow-cooked recipes, promising a flavourful and authentic barbecue taste.

  3. Can the Weber Master-Touch function as a pizza oven? Absolutely, the versatile design of the Weber Master-Touch allows it to function as a makeshift pizza oven, promising delightful homemade pizzas with a smoky touch.


As the inaugural Roberts London barbecue wrapped up, the Weber Master-Touch E-5755 emerged as more than just a grilling appliance; it became a companion promising countless culinary adventures. With a guarantee of delightful barbecue sessions and a promise to bring the spirit of summer to any season, the Weber Master-Touch is here to redefine urban barbecuing.

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