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A Culinary Adventure in Borough Market with Roberts London

Borough Market, with its kaleidoscope of colors, scents, and tastes, awaits the curious palate. Roberts London took the plunge into this gourmet haven, unearthing culinary masterpieces that both surprise and delight.

Meteor: The Wine from the Stars

Named for its cosmic roots, "Meteor" presents a robust red wine journey. Every sip, a tribute to its meteoric vineyard origin, elevates cheese pairings to celestial realms.

Bread Ahead's Sourdough: A Dance of Textures

No ordinary slice, the sourdough from Bread Ahead pirouettes on the taste buds, making its mark as more protagonist than accompaniment.

Abbey Farm's Whey Butter: Silken Delight

Abbey Farm's whey butter paints a creamy tableau on the palate. A delectable experience, it showcases the fine art of butter craftsmanship.

Cheese Galore!

  • Sparkenhoe Red Leicester: An enchanting melody of earth, grass, and nutty undertones.

  • Little Roll: Evoking dreamy desserts, this smoky cow's milk serenade is sheer delight.

  • Horbourne Blue: An ode to blue cheese, gentler yet profound, with its pasteurized goat milk essence.

Brindisa’s Iberico Ham: The Luxe Waltz

Brindisa’s Iberico ham, with every hand-carved slice, invites one to a dance of luxury, its delicate flavors and textures stepping in perfect harmony.

Flavour Finale

In the ever-vibrant Borough Market, Roberts London composed a sensory symphony. His crescendo? The artisanal cheese—a resounding climax to a gourmet odyssey. For those seeking a flavor-filled adventure, let the cheese be your overture.

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