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Roberts London Explores Borough Market: From Artisanal Delights to Eco-Conscious Coffee Choices

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Bridges & Brews: The Adventure Begins

Stepping onto London Bridge on a crisp Saturday morning, Roberts London found himself drawn to Borough Market. While breakfast beckoned tantalizingly, his mission was clear: procure the essentials - wine, cheese, meat, and, of course, coffee.

Monmouth Coffee: Crafting a Sustainable Brew

With his Monmouth coffee cup in hand, a relic from a previous visit, Roberts shared Monmouth Coffee's passionate stand against paper cups. They've championed reusable cups, emphasizing the environmental impact of our everyday choices. The result? A delicious black filtered coffee, at a fraction of its usual price.

Bread Ahead: An Artisanal Morning Treat

Navigating the bustling streets, Roberts indulged in a croissant from Bread Ahead's market stall on Cathedral Street. This delectable treat was a crispy, buttery marvel, perfectly complementing his morning brew.

Neil’s Yard Dairy: A Cheese Haven

A trip to Borough Market would be incomplete without visiting the iconic Neil's Yard Dairy on Park Street. Taking recommendations from the experts, Roberts secured a trio of cheeses: hard, blue, and soft. To accompany the cheeses? Whey butter, of course!

Brindisa: A Taste of Spain

A culinary voyage through the heart of London wouldn’t be complete without some Iberico ham from Brindisa Spanish Foods. With each bite, one could almost hear the flamenco guitars strumming in the background.

Beadles of Borough: Wine Adventures

On Beadle Street, Roberts discovered Beadles of Borough. Here, he found himself captivated by a bottle of French red named Meteor. And as the name suggests, it promises a taste that's truly celestial.

Ginger Pig: A Culinary Contender

But, what about the Ginger Pig sausage roll? Its taste rivaled that of Greg's, complemented perfectly with a pint from the globe pub.

Final Toasts and Tidbits

Roberts London's escapade through Borough Market was not just about procuring gourmet delights. It was about discovering stories, making eco-conscious choices, and sharing these tales with fellow adventurers. Now, it's time to relish in the inaugural Roberts London wine and cheese tasting journey.

Until the next adventure, Toodles!

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