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Discover the Best Breakfast and Coffee in London's Soho: A Journey with Roberts London

On a crisp Saturday morning, the heart of London beckons, offering a delightful blend of traditions, tastes, and aromas that epitomize the spirit of Soho. As the sun casts a warm golden hue over the River Thames, we embark on a journey to discover the best breakfast and coffee spots that have stood the test of time, narrating tales of culture, passion, and culinary artistry.

The Awakening of Soho

As the clock strikes an ‘unreasonable’ hour, Soho stirs to life, embodying the spirit of the weekend - late risers and an ambiance that respects the beauty of leisure. It’s in this vibrant setting that we seek the warmth of a morning brew, a ritual that transforms an ordinary morning into an event worth celebrating.

The Allure of Bar Italia

Situated on the bustling Frith Street, Bar Italia welcomes with the rich aroma of Italian coffee, promising a robust start to your day. It’s been a while since our last visit, and as we step in, we are greeted with the familiar scent of freshly brewed black Americano coffee - a sensory delight that seems to banish the morning chill.

A French Culinary Haven: Maison Bertaux

A few steps away, on Greek Street, stands Maison Bertaux, a renowned patisserie with roots dating back to the 1870s. As we indulge in a cheese croissant, we can't help but marvel at the fusion of crispy and buttery textures, a testimony to London's rich culinary legacy.

The Ultimate Taste Test: Coffee vs. Croissant

The adventure reaches its crescendo as we indulge in a little taste test - the robust coffee from Bar Italia versus the buttery croissants from Maison Bertaux. It's a delightful dilemma, where choosing a winner seems almost unfair.

Dawn's Culinary Symphony: A Soho Farewell

As our morning sojourn comes to an end, we find ourselves immersed in the vibrant spirit of Soho, where every café and bakery tells a story. It’s a reminder of London's diverse culinary tapestry, a place where every food enthusiast should find themselves, at least once. Until our next adventure, toodles!

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