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The Oak vs. Rosemary Showdown: Unlocking the Ultimate BBQ Flavors in London

Roberts London takes to the grill with a sizzling question: Which wood imparts the best flavor to BBQ lamb – oak or rosemary? The findings might just surprise you.

When it comes to barbecue, the wood you choose plays an indispensable role. It's not just about the fire; it's about the aroma, the nuances, and the layers of flavor that the wood introduces into the meat. In our recent BBQ adventure, we delved deep into a flavorful experiment, pitting oak against rosemary.

The Smoky Aroma

Right off the bat, the rosemary wood, when burnt, unleashed an aroma that was distinct yet not as potently 'rosemary' as one might expect. On the other hand, oak, with its timeless BBQ reputation, released a sweeter, more savory scent.

Pork Belly & The Palma Violets Mystery

Our initial tests with pork belly revealed an intriguing outcome. While the rosemary wood hinted at an unusual combination of palma violets and pork, the fresh rosemary sprigs stood out, offering an aroma that was unmistakably rosemary. The key takeaway? For pork belly, fresh rosemary sprigs take the trophy!

The Lamb Revelation

As for the lamb, the game was raised a notch. We combined oak with rosemary wood and fresh rosemary sprigs, aiming for a flavor profile that was unique yet familiar. The result? A taste reminiscent of smoked cheese, a blend of the rustic oak, and the herbaceous rosemary. A texture comparable to a rare steak but warm throughout, this BBQ lamb was unlike any other.

Wine and Dine

No BBQ is complete without a wine pairing. As we sunk our teeth into the lamb, a glass of Chianti classico by our side complemented the smoky, cheesy undertones perfectly.

Tools of The Trade

A noteworthy mention must go to our trusty companions: the Therm Pro and the Weber Master Touch. Without them, achieving the perfect grill and ensuring our meats were cooked to perfection would've been a task.


In this culinary exploration, oak and rosemary, each with its unique character, transformed our BBQ experience. While oak remains a classic, the combination of oak and rosemary opened new horizons of flavor.

Stay tuned to Roberts London for more grilling adventures, culinary experiments, and mouth-watering recipes. And always remember: the wood you choose can redefine your BBQ experience.

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