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Experience the Magic of Christmas in London: A Guide to Festive Fun!

Updated: Feb 26

Christmas has arrived in London and it's time to explore the festive season. In this video by Roberts London, we are taken on a journey to witness the lighting ceremony of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, a gift from Norway to the United Kingdom each year.

The video starts with a playful joke by the YouTuber, who remarks that Covent Garden is a bit of a disappointment this year, before clarifying that it is the same as every year. With that out of the way, we see a montage of festive decorations, lights, and even Santa Claus himself taking a selfie with a baby.

The YouTuber talks about the importance of pacing oneself during the festive season, as shops and stores start selling Christmas-related items as early as August. He advises viewers to avoid going all-in from the start, to avoid getting sick of it by November.

The lighting ceremony of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree

The main focus of the video is the lighting ceremony of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree. The tradition of sending a Christmas tree from Norway to the UK dates back to World War II. The story goes that during the war, the Norwegian King and government fled to the UK, and a top-secret wartime mission was organized to deliver supplies and equipment to the Norwegian resistance fighting the Germans in occupied Norway. When the mission was successful, Christmas trees were brought back to the UK as a gift and a sign of gratitude from the Norwegian resistance.

London St Pauls Christmas

Every year since then, Norway has sent a Christmas tree to the UK, and it has become a tradition to place it in Trafalgar Square. The trees represent freedom, friendship, peace, and all things good, and are a little piece of Norway in the heart of London. The trees are always tall and skinny, simply decorated with a string of lights and a star on top, in traditional Norwegian style. They have remained the same for decades and have become a symbol of Norway.

Iconic symbol of the festive season in London

While the video showcases the beauty and significance of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, the YouTuber notes that there are always complaints about the tree on social media. People complain that it's too skinny, not tall enough, and doesn't have enough baubles or tinsel. Despite these complaints, the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree remains an iconic symbol of the festive season in London.

London River Thames Night Christmas

Overall, the Roberts London YouTube video takes viewers on a festive journey through London, showcasing the beauty of the decorations and the significance of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree. It's a reminder that despite the hustle and bustle of the festive season, there are still traditions that remain significant and bring joy to people around the world.

Christmas Bauble London

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