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Roberts London Explores London's Chinatown: Street Food, K-Dogs, and Bun House Adventures

The Allure of Chinatown

There's always something magical about London's Chinatown. The colors, the aromas, the bustling crowds; it's a sensory overload, and I absolutely love it.

Starting the Adventure at Charing Cross

I kicked off my day near Charing Cross Station, planning to dive deep into the heart of Chinatown. Rumor has it that the area's street food has become a rage, especially among the TikTok and Instagram communities, and I wanted a firsthand experience.

From K-Dog to Bun House

Reaching Chinatown, my first observation was the long queues. An outcome, perhaps, of social media influence, where popular places become even more crowded. The Korean K-Dog shop was one of the trending stops, but with the queue situation, the Bun House on Lisle Street became my next destination.

A Bun House Delight

The Bun House, a personal favorite, had a surprisingly shorter queue. After a brief wait, I treated myself to their sumptuous buns – a savory pork bun and a sweet, super runny custard variant. The perfect balance of the char shu pork filling with the soft, fluffy bun was a delight, while the liquid custard in the other bun was a pleasant, sweet surprise.

Festivities and Feasts

The best part about London's Chinatown is the myriad of choices it offers. From classic establishments like Baozi Inn to newer delights like the K-Dog Shop, there's always something for every palate. The communal seating arrangements, especially during festivals, add to the charm, making the dining experience more intimate and engaging.

Sweet Conclusions and Future Journeys

As I strolled further, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells, I realized that one could spend hours, if not days, just grazing on the fantastic array of street food and other culinary offerings of Chinatown. But as with everything, moderation is key.

It was a day well spent, filled with delicious food, delightful sights, and a deep appreciation for the culinary wonders of Chinatown. If you're ever in London, make sure to indulge in its gastronomic marvels.

Until the next adventure, toodles from Roberts London.

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